Cowley Park

The Village sports ground and playing field, which is named after Lady Cowley who gave the ground to the village in 1921, is managed by a Board of Trustees made up of representatives of various village organisations including the Parish Council.

he pavilion at the playing fields seems to be an unfortunate target for the mindless vandalism that strikes from time to time around the village.

The composite photograph below shows damage caused on the night of the 9th May 2001, when intruders, using a wooden stake pulled up from the ground outside ‘jemmied’ the padlocked doors off their hinges to gain access to the cupboards contents. They entered by forcing the main door, presumably with the same stake.
The Police were called the following morning and scene of crime officers took fingerprints etc.

What is of equal concern to the Parish is the complete waste of money this type of activity brings with it. An organisation, such as our Cowley Park Trustee, spends a great part of its time raising the money necessary so it can continue to provide its particular facility for villagers, only to find that these funds are ‘snatched’ from it to pay for this sort of damage!


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