Chairman’s Report

St. Osyth Parish Council

Chairman’s Report

(St Osyth News – June 2018)  


Royal Mail

The continuing saga of no post box in the centre of the village moves slowly forward. We did indeed write to the CEO of Royal Mail and we received a very prompt reply, informing us that she had instructed the Senior Public Affairs Manager to investigate. We then had a letter dated 30th April, informing us that he was looking into it and that we would receive a full reply. I have to say that I wanted to write back and say “we just want a post box, that will do nicely” never mind the reply!

Mini Roundabout at Clacton Road junction with B1027

As readers of my Report will know this is an issue we have raised and are pursuing with Essex Highways. We have done as they requested and submitted our application to the Local Highways Panel to have a speed and volume survey undertaken during the summer months at the Clacton Road junction with the B1027.

We have now heard from Joe Hazelton, Essex Highways that he will be in touch to discuss the appropriate location for the cables to be laid. I am hoping that this will be done before the Bank Holiday at the end of May. But at least we are on the move, although we do realise that the project is a way off coming to anything like fruition!

Parking Issues & Buying In of Enforcement Time

As some people will know, considerable space and thought in the magazine has been given over the years to try to dissuade people from parking on double yellow lines in the village, but particularly in the vicinity of the crossroads. Many of us have seen upwards of four cars parked opposite the Spar on double yellow lines and over onto the pavement. It is a situation fraught with danger for everyone.

The Parish Council has involved a number of agencies in seeking advice. If you remember we did a consultation about putting bollards along the edge of the pavement outside the butchers, but it was decided they would possibly create more problems than they would solve. All of us as residents are very aware of the issues that parked cars cause near the crossroads. For the Parish Council the priority issue is about safety; safety for those walking, safety for those driving. The cars that park on the double yellow lines are a potential danger to everyone.

It is because of the increasing concern that is being expressed by so many of our residents that the Parish Council has decided to buy in additional enforcement time from North Essex Parking Partnership. This means that in addition to the normal service provided by the NEPP for parking enforcement in the village, we will be paying for two additional hours of enforcement time each week until September. There will therefore be an increased presence in the village of Civil Enforcement Officers, particularly in the vicinity of Spring Road, near the crossroads. The Parish Council have agreed with the NEPP that there will be no five minute observation time. If a car is on double yellow lines they will be issued with an instant Fixed Penalty Notice. This will result in a £70.00 fine, or if paid within 14 days, it will be reduced to £35.00.

The dangers of the crossroads are apparent to all of us who live in St Osyth. What the Parish Council is doing for a trial period during the summer months is to increase and improve the safety of all those who drive or walk in the vicinity of the crossroads by the increased presence of Civil Enforcement Officers. We would welcome your views.

Hanging Baskets

We are moving ever closer to summer planting in the village. The pyramid planter outside the Village Hall has looked stunning, many of the other displays have taken a battering from the weather, but the pansies remain as pretty and colourful as ever. I have been phoning organisations in alphabetical order to see if they would like to sponsor a basket, we have spaces for eleven. We now have the required number and I am only part way through the list! Next year I will continue where I finished this summer so that every organisation has an opportunity to sponsor a basket should they wish. Many thanks to all those who have agreed.

Councillors’ Discussion with Tim Sargeant

In April, Councillor John Kemp and myself met with Tim Sargeant to discuss Priory related issues, but our primary concern was the potential impact of the additional traffic that will come over the crossroads when both the wedding venue and the Priory are open for visitors.

It had already been raised as a major concern with both Andrew Martindale, Historic England and Cath Bicknell, Tendring District Council and a possible solution was put forward by the Parish Council. In discussing it with Tim Sargeant, we were ensuring that all those who would be involved in the decision making in the future were aware of the Parish Council’s concerns and our proposals to overcome the potential problem.

The Parish Council has suggested:

  • that all the guests attending a wedding at the Priory should access and exit the grounds via the north entrance off the B1027 (where the Priory Bowmen have their practice ground).
  • that visitors to the Priory should access the grounds via the land adjacent to the Deer Park with a new access opposite Wellwick. This would include the installation of a mini roundabout which would not only enable access to the Priory and to the houses on Wellwick, but would also slow the traffic approaching the village.
  • that visitors should have pedestrian access out of the Gatehouse, so that they can both see the Gatehouse itself, visit the village, its shops and the Church.

The above suggestions would limit any disruption by Priory traffic and we believe would be an excellent solution for both the Priory and the village.

Other Issues

John and I also asked what is happening with Wellwick. Tim Sargeant said that he anticipated that the plans for reserved matters would take 3 to 4 months. He also said that he would start to look at a technical solution which would include a mini roundabout at Wellwick, instead of a filter lane. That is a positive step forward in our bid for a new access.

The White Hart

Tim Sargeant explained that as an interim measure, he had agreed that the car park could be used as additional parking for the Wakeboarding Centre. He was also considering renovating part of the property to allow for someone to stay there as a security measure. But he said the focus at the moment is the restoration of the Priory.

The Councillors believe that it was a useful and productive meeting, as it is important for the village that the Parish Council has a voice in influencing all the future planning concerning the Priory.

Community Speed Watch

Between 16th April 2018 and 14th May 2018, there were 120 occurrences of drivers speeding in the village, with an average speed of 38.9 mph.

  • Clacton Road:      120 recordings with an average speed of 38.9 mph.

The highest recorded speed was 55 mph

4 Vehicles were observed travelling in excess of 50 mph and 31 vehicles were observed travelling in excess of 40 mph.

With best wishes

Sonia Grantham




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