Chairman’s Report

St. Osyth Parish Council

Chairman’s Report

(St Osyth News – May 2018)  


Meeting with Joe Hazelton, Essex County Highways.
The Highways Working Party met with Joe on the 16th March to discuss a number of highway issues which are in our Management Plan for 2018 – 20.  As I said in the February issue of the magazine when I listed our wish list for Highways as we have no authority over these matters, all we can do is cajole, encourage and be persuasive!.
Having said that we all felt the issues we discussed were moving forward positively. They were:-

  • Crossroads

It was agreed that the recent improvements to the lighting and signage should be monitored until September.   However, there was a consensus that ultimately a physical warning solution such as a raised platform would be preferable and far more effective than visual notifications. Joe suggested that improvements be reviewed as part of a Road safety Audit by Essex highways Engineers.  This the Parish Council will be perusing.

  • Pedestrian safety and the condition of the footways in the village.

It was recommended that I should liaise with the Senior Maintenance and Operations Engineer at Essex Highways.  I have now tried twice to get in touch by email and phone, to no avail.  But an appointment will be made I can assure you.

  • Mini Roundabout – Junction of Clacton Road and the B1027

Joe stated that he would review the Police accident data which would require four or more accidents in a 50m radius.  He also suggested that the Parish Council submit an application requesting a traffic density survey between April and September.  This we are doing.

  • Vehicles parking on double yellow lines in Spring Road outside the Butchers/Spar shops

Again the installation of bollards was discussed, but the consensus was at this time, that their installation could be counterproductive to driver and pedestrian safety.  The Councillors were informed that a meeting was shortly to be held with Michael Adamson, Manager of Colchester Parking Partnership and this issue was the main agenda item.

  • Pedestrian safety at the Crossroads

This is a major concern and the possible inclusion of crossing points to any future improvements to improve the safety of the crossroads was discussed. All of those present informed Joe that we wanted some form of crossing for pedestrians along Clacton Road, Colchester Road and Spring Road.

  • Improvements to the Bus Stop

New bus stop poles in Mill Street and Point Clear Road were requested two years ago.  Finally they have been approved by the Local Highways Panel.  They could be installed any time after 1st April, but like most things I am not holding my breath!

It was a good meeting with some issues the Parish Council has to progress and some by Joe Hazelton.  We will be monitoring both and will come back to you with updates.

Provision of a Car Park.
Readers of my Report will have seen that having a car park in the village is also on our wish list and over the past months we have been moving towards possibly resolving this.

Those of us who attended the Public Consultation in July 2017 to look at the plans for the future development of the Priory will have seen that the parking on The Bury was to be restricted to a small area near the entrance gate.  This was, and is a major concern as reduced car parking on The Bury could have a very negative impact on our village.  Interestingly Tendring District Council in their Local Plan in 2007, identified that St. Osyth needed a car park and gave their support to finding one!  A village with a population of over 4000 inhabitants should not be dependent on the goodwill of the owners of the Priory, whoever they may be, for off road parking; it is no longer a tenable situation.

The obvious and possibly the only place for a car park is down Warren Farm Lane.  The Parish Council approached Peter and Robert Bond and with them and Tendring District Council have explored the possibilities.

The result of the discussions with both Councils is that shortly Peter and Robert Bond will submit an outline Planning Application to Tendring District Council for the provision of a car park behind St. Osyth Vicarage.  They will be responsible for giving the land, the provision of the perimeter fencing, the white lining, the lighting and the surfacing of the car park.  When it is completed it will be transferred to the ownership of the Parish Council.

The Bond brothers will also be submitting an outline Planning Application for the building of 12 houses to be erected behind the houses on the Bury.  The Environmental Footpath will remain as a buffer between the two groups of houses.

Of the twelve houses, it is proposed that four will be two bedroomed and will be sold to people over 55, while three will be one bedroomed for the benefit of first time buyers.  Tendring District Council has stipulated this as it will lessen any impact on the provision of places at the school.  The remaining five dwellings will be detached houses.

The belmouth to Warren Lane will be constructed to highway specification.  There will be no parking, as there is now alongside the Vicarage, as it will be the access road with footways for pedestrians to the car park, to the new houses, to the farm, Warren Farmhouse and the public footpath

Initially in May/June the applications submitted to Tendring District Council will only be outline.  I have shared with you the proposed details that would go with a detailed Planning Application to Tendring District Council, after hopefully the outline permission has been approved.  The Parish Council felt it was in everyone’s interests to have as much accurate information as possible at this time as speculation can cause difficulties and be counterproductive.

The Post Box
No more news on its installation, despite numerous phone calls and emails.  So now we are going to the top and have written to the Chief Executive Officer of Royal Mail, putting before her the litany of mismanagement that has resulted in us having no post box in the centre of the village for the past four months, even though we started initial enquiries in October for its installation.  We wait for a response.

First Buses.
As you know we wrote to First Buses expressing our concern about changes in their timetable.  We have finally had a reply, not overly helpful.  It states that “The new service enables the service to operate more punctually, but we acknowledge that it has lessened the convenience of accessing the railway station.”

 Mr Pycroft does also tell us that they review their services periodically, so we will reply suggesting that they look again at providing a service from Clacton Railway Station.  Should residents have any other comments, do give them to the Parish Office as we will pass them on.

 A long report this month.

With best wishes

Sonia Grantham
March 2018

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