St Osyth Almshouses

The Clacton Road Almshouses have been in existence for over four hundred years.  The Almshouses are administered by a Trustees Committee and the current charity is an amalgamation of the John Gilders Charity, Banyards Charity, Mary Piggott Charity and the Charity of the Unknown Donor which dates back to the 17th century.

The properties within the charity are 21-27 Clacton Road, St Osyth and 3 & 5 St Clairs Road, St Osyth.  The Charity also has nomination rights over 1-5 Clinton Close, St Osyth.

Whenever a vacancy occurs in one of our Almshouses then an advertisement is placed in the local parish magazine.  We also notify the local authority and any local central registry of “waiting lists”.  The Charity will ensure that its housing services are delivered fairly.

The Trustees would like to develop its own waiting list so if you would like to be considered for these properties when vacancy or nomination occurs then please contact the Chairman to discuss this further.

Cllr Karen Sinclair

Chairman of the Trustees of the St Osyth Almshouse Charity.

07708 480831


Mrs Clare Heyes


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