Members Contact Details as of 5th December 2019


The Village Hall, Clacton Road, St Osyth, Essex, CO16 8PE

Tel: 01255 821447 E-mail: Web:


Members Contact Details & Committee Membership as of 5th December 2019

Cllr. Sonia Grantham Chairman St Cleres Hall Farm, St Cleres Hall Lane, St Osyth, CO16 8RX

01255 820648

07714 493303

Cllr. Alma Blockley * Vice Chairman The Peartree, Alpha Road, Point Clear, CO16 8NP


07759 294880

Cllr. Gary Coe 66 Manfield Gardens, St Osyth, CO16 8QB


07786 165306

Cllr. David Cooper 70 Clacton Road, St Osyth, CO16 8PG

01255 569947


Cllr. Ray French 157 Clacton Road, St Osyth, CO16 8PU

01255 821036

07776 066678

Cllr. Mandy Kelly * 100 Colne Way, Point Clear Bay, CO16 8LN

01255 820950

07759 277502

 Cllr. John Lockwood * 174 Point Clear Road, St Osyth, CO16 8JD

01255 764032

07740 444713

 Cllr. Karen Sinclair 51 St Clairs Road, St Osyth, CO16 8QH


07708 480831

 Cllr. Michael Talbot *District Councillor 51 Western Promenade, Point Clear Bay, CO16 8NA

01255 820796


Cllr. Michele Thomas * 157 Point Clear Road, St Osyth, CO16 8JB

01255 822320


Cllr. Julie Ward 67 St Clairs Road, St Osyth, CO16 8QJ 01255 821743


Cllr. John White

District Councillor

8 St Clairs Road, St Osyth, CO16 8QQ

01255 820577
Membership of Council Committees
Ordinary Council (& Planning) Meetings All Councillors
Cemetery Committee Cllr’s Smith, Blockley, Kelly, Thomas  &  Ward
Finance Committee Cllr’s Grantham, Coe, Cooper, French, Lockwood, Talbot & White
Personnel Committee Cllr’s Grantham, Blockley, Cooper & Thomas
Working Parties
Blooms in St. Osyth Cllr’s Grantham, Blockley & Ward
Highways Working Party Cllr’s Grantham, Blockley, Cooper, French & Lockwood
Martins Farm Cllr’s Grantham, Mr Rolfe & Clerk
Playground, Youth & Open Spaces Cllr’s Ward, French, Grantham, Kelly & Sinclair
Tendring District Association of Local Councils (TDALC) Cllr. Talbot
Essex Association of Local Councils Cllr. Talbot (District via TDALC)
Parish Web Site Advisor Cllr. Lockwood
Planters & Bins Cllr. Ward
Police Crime Statistics Cllr’s Cooper (St Osyth) & Kelly (Point Clear)
Tree Warden Cllr. French
Nominative Trusteeships / Representatives
Almshouses Cllr’s Sinclair & Cooper
Bradwell Power Station Cllr. White
Playing Field Charity Cllr. Thomas
Point Clear Community Association Cllr. Blockley
Village Hall Cllr. Thomas

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