Chairman’s Report

St. Osyth Parish Council

Chairman’s Report   December 2017

A Late Happy New Year

As I write the New Year is still relatively young, although by the time you read this it certainly won’t be!   However, the Parish Council do wish all our residents a Happy and Healthy New year.

The Village certainly looked really attractive over Christmas and our thanks go to a number of people.  The Parish Council purchased the lights for above the shops along Clacton Road and they were put up by Neil Young of The Hoy and Paul Hamilton of Paul’s Burger Van.  Philip Smith and Robert Simeon took charge again of the lights on the church tower and the tree in the churchyard.  How festive everything looked and it is appreciated by so many people.

New Position for the Post Box

The post box in the old Post Office in Spring Road is due to be moved and a new one erected at the end of the Alms Houses in Clacton Road.  A number of positions for it were discussed, but we were mindful of many factors in making a decision; one being keeping it this side of the crossroads.  It is due to be in positon at the end of January.  As the planning by Royal Mail has been somewhat chequered we hope that it will happen!

Mobile Phone Mast

Again after a very chequered and long gestation period, the mobile phone mast at the end of Clacton Road is operational.  All those mobile phone users covered by 02 and Vodaphone should be receiving a much better signal.  The Parish Council have campaigned long and hard for the mast and we very much hope it is making a difference.

Dog Faeces

On the 11th January, as requested by the Parish Council, Tendring District Council brought their machine to clean up 53 piles of dog faeces which had been left by irresponsible dog owners along the footpath from the Kings Arms to the Longfields Estate.  Most of the piles it would appear came over the Christmas period.

These piles were cleared at public expense, which makes it all the more shocking that rate payers in the village have had to contribute to dog owners who take little or no responsibility for their dog’s actions.  If you see a dog owner ‘not picking up’ please phone the Parish Council on 01255 821447 or Tendring District Council Dog Warden on 01255 686766. 

Update on Bar Corner (Crossroads)

I was contacted this week by Essex County Highways with firm dates for the improvements to the crossroads.  I am aware of course that by the time everyone reads this that they should be in place, but I am so pleased that finally issues which we have now discussed for months are going be implemented.

I am conscious as are many others that although the increased and better lit signage and street lighting should bring improvement to the safety of the crossroads that there may be a need for more action.  We should however give time to see what difference they do make to the safety of the crossroads.  I have written in the diary to arrange a meeting with the officer from Essex County Highways in the near future to discuss a number of issues and the crossroads will of course be one of them. .

St. Osyth Cemetery

Should you have time do go and look at the cemetery and particularly the area to the left of the pedestrian entrance gate in Clay Lane.  This is an area that was designated to be cut on a rotational basis many years ago but somehow the bushy vegetation took over!

It has now been cleared and many graves from the early 1900’s can now be seen, which is of course as it should be.  Paths have now been mown in-between the grass areas, so particularly in summer it will be a pleasant place to walk.  Last year there were masses of butterflies feeding on the wild flowers.

Many thanks to Matt Ford who has done much of the work at our request.  Do have a look when you have time.

Highway Issues 2018 – 2020

Many residents have taken an interest in the highway issues that affect our village, so I thought you may like to know what is in the Parish Council’s Management Plan for the years 2018 – 2020.  I do have to stress that this is a wish list, we have no authority whatsoever over highways matters – all we can do is to cajole, encourage and be generally persuasive. Which as was commented to me recently we are very good at!

  • To continue to press Essex County Highways to improve both driver and pedestrian safety at the crossroads.
  • To move forward to secure the provision of a car park as it appears that parking could in the future be restricted on The Bury
  • To request a meeting with Essex County Highways to discuss the safety of pedestrians in the centre of the village.
  • To work with Essex County Highways to improve the footways in Colchester Road, Clacton Road and Spring Road.
  • To encourage Essex County Highways to move ahead with their plans to resurface the road from the Mill Street corner to the crossroads.
  • To discuss further the possibility of a 20 mph one in the centre of the village.
  • To make a case and put before the Local Highways Panel the need for a roundabout at the junction where Clacton Road joins the B1027.
  • To work towards a new entrance to the Priory off the B1027.

Quite ambitious really, but the Parish Council will certainly be working towards a resolution for all these issues in the next 2/3 years.

Mobile Home Transporters

As we are all aware we continue to have mobile homes transported through our village which creates traffic chaos.

We wrote to the operators some eighteen months ago when they attempted to take three through the village at one time requesting that this stops and the timing of such journeys does not coincide with peak traffic times in the village.

Since then, this has been dropped to two, but this is still too many for the village crossroads to cope with.

Before Christmas two transporters did come through, so we again wrote a strong letter requesting that when this is going to happen, one is brought through while the second is parked in a layby on the B1027.  As we have had no reply from any of the holiday parks, we will be writing again, asking for reassurance that this will be their practice in the future.

With many thanks to you all

Sonia Grantham 


December 2017

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