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Update on Coronavirus (Covid-19) from the Parish Council and St. Osyth Church

Monday 20th April 2020.

It seems a lifetime ago when the Parish Magazine was delivered to every home in St. Osyth with the distinctive orange cover.  Its delivery was so timely, as we were able to inform everyone what was being put in place to support the elderly and vulnerable in our Parish at the beginning of the lockdown.

Since then there has been 307 grocery deliveries consisting of 767 bags/boxes delivered to front doors and 242 prescriptions.  These figures will be much higher by the time this update is published.

Getting all this organised initially was a challenging undertaking, but with much help and the goodwill of so many, it has fulfilled its undertaking on the orange cover of the magazine to deliver groceries and prescriptions to the elderly and vulnerable.

There are over 30 volunteers who do this, headed by two co-ordinators, one for groceries and one for prescriptions, all of whom as they have told us have discovered new parts of our Parish!  It might be of interest to know that in fact the Parish of St. Osyth covers 13.1 square miles, we are the largest in the Tendring District.  

The back up team take the telephone prescription requests in the Parish Office and these are organised onto a spreadsheet and sent to the St. Osyth Pharmacy, highlighting urgent requests.  A team of volunteers usually 3 each day, arrive at the Pharmacy at 4.30 pm to begin the delivery; the maximum in any day has been 22.

Groceries are initially phoned in to the Nisa and Premier Stores and a co-ordinator informs the rota volunteers how many deliveries they will be making.  The maximum in any day has been 25 deliveries undertaken after 4.00 pm.

To achieve the efficient organisation and delivery of both the prescriptions and groceries there are in fact over 35 volunteers.  All of whom give their time to help those in need.  The Parish Council, the Church and the residents are enormously grateful to them all.

In addition to the deliveries made by our volunteers we are aware that many of our residents are looking out for each other.  Neighbours, both young and old are ensuring that nobody is going without food, household essentials and medication.

The Spirit of Community which has arisen in the past few weeks is truly remarkable and we are all so grateful for it.  We have all certainly recognised that: –

“Alone, we can do so little, together we can do so much!”

St. Osyth residents are proving that.

Thank you.

With best wishes,

St. Osyth Parish Council and St. Osyth Church.

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