Coronavirus Local Deliveries 10.6.2020

Dear Resident,


It is now nearly twelve weeks since the Parish Magazine was pushed through letter boxes with the bright orange outer cover. This was the beginning of lockdown. As you know, the Parish Council and the Church used the cover of the magazine to give information about the delivery of groceries and prescriptions to the elderly and vulnerable in the forthcoming weeks.

This service has been very well used. To date the following deliveries have
been made:
                          Groceries: 779 (comprising of 1,948 bags)
                          Prescriptions: 645
It is excellent that with the help of many volunteers we have been able to
support so many people in a time of real need. However, the Government’s
recent announcement to ease the lockdown, means that everyone can now
get out more and relatives who have had to stay away can now meet up
and help each other. Many of our volunteers too are returning to work in
accordance with the new guidelines.

So, after Friday 19th June, we will not be delivering groceries and prescriptions.

Before taking this decision, we made extensive enquiries to ensure that the
residents who still need help and support can access it. There is a great deal
of help available now, which is so different from when we started delivering groceries and prescriptions on 23rd March.


We have listed below all the information we have gathered.

Included with this letter is information from Tendring District Council listing all the supermarkets who will deliver to your door. If you need this service, please do use it. Premier Stores in Spring Road will continue to take telephone orders on (01255 823256) and will deliver. During the last twelve weeks they have waived their delivery charges, but after the 19th June, they will reinstate the £3.00 charge for each delivery.

Conversations have been held with the Head Office of Boots in Nottingham and with Victoria , the Manager of the Boots in St Osyth, both have assured us that prescriptions can continue to be delivered by their couriers at no cost during the pandemic.
Please ring Boots on 01255 820396 to request that your prescription is delivered.

Useful Numbers
Tendring Helpline 01255 686700 – offers support for those who are shielding.
Essex Welfare Service 0300 303 9988 – they will support the elderly and vulnerable who need help and advice about how to access help.
We do very much hope that the information that has been collated here is supportive of you and your needs; please do use it. Meanwhile, the current grocery and prescription deliveries will continue until Friday 19th June.

Could we on your behalf say very warm thanks to the staff of:
NISA Stores
Premier Stores
Boots Chemists
for the unfailing help and support that they have given during the last twelve weeks, to ensure that deliveries have been made so that your worries about receiving groceries and prescriptions have been alleviated.
The heroes of the past twelve weeks have undoubtedly been the volunteers, both those in the Parish Office who have taken the requests and those who have delivered them. They have all been brilliant and we all owe them a great deal.

They have indeed proved that
                  ‘Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much’

and that during this difficult and unprecedented time the reserves of human kindness have not run dry.
Thank you to them all.

Yours sincerely,
St Osyth Parish Council and St Osyth Church

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