Music On The Meadow 2016

Business Association Village Treat

One of a number of pictures taken around the recreation ground to give an idea of the numbers present.
This opening picture showing in the background part of our St Osyth Priory.

On Saturday the 23rd July the St Osyth Business Association held what has become an annual event, the organisation of a free music event for all village residents and their friends. The entertainment gets going at 2 p.m. and finishes at 10 p.m.
Whilst the day was referred to as Music on the Meadow it was in fact held on the Cowley Park Recreation Ground in Mill Street and not only did the Business Association arrange for Nine Musical Acts both Bands and Singers, but they ordered a brilliant hot sunny day so that everyone got maximum enjoyment from attending that afternoon or evening. It was certainty a good time out for families with children who could enjoy ‘Giggle City’ with its bouncy castles, slides, trampoline’s etc. and various stalls around the ground selling goodies including Ice Cream for some and a licensed ‘Beer Tent’ for others!
We all owe a BIG VOTE OF THANKS to those Business Association members who organised our day!
The photographs below were taken between 3.50 p.m. at 5.30 p.m.

There were stalls and features all around the ground

items of interest to show visitors and goods for sale

Two Gladiators fight to the ‘death’ with air filled clubs

See for yourself who lost this round, Down but not Out

Two pictures above show the ‘early birds’ who arrived at or a little before the start
to get a prime position in front of the performers stage, listening to a succession of
bands and acts during the afternoon and evening.

A few more general views of the Cowley Park assemblage and immediately above is part of ‘Giggle City’ .

One of the musicians.

Kiddies roundabout.

another of the musicians.

A really lovely day, thanks to St Osyth Business Association. It was brilliant weather from start to finish, which always makes an open air event so successful. The crowd attending all seemed to be enjoying themselves and many groups were pre-arranged with friends and neighbours meeting up and sitting together, sharing food and drink as provided by those in a particular party. This event is exactly what people understand as a village activity, never to be seen in an urban town.

You will have read in our Parish Magazine, in the Council Chairman Sonia Grantham’s monthly reports, that Mr Mark Shuttleworth and his trustee board are retiring from the management of this facility after something like twenty years in charge. As you can see looking around the ground, they return Cowley Park to the Parish Council in good heart!


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