Aircraft Museum Point Clear

Open Day Sunday 21st August 2016

Once again the ‘Museum in the Bay’ is opening its doors to all members of the public who care to visit today to meet some members and former members of the UK Military Services and if they wish for a nominal £1, they can tour the museum, housed in the Napoleonic Martello Tower ‘A’.
The Museum building houses memorabilia from all three services but with concentration on the Royal Air Force and World War II, and in particular the part played by the United States Air Force, with the Museum itself being dedicated to a US airman Raymond E. King, who crashed off Clacton on Sea.
His wrecked P51 Mustang fighter aircraft in which the he died, was recovered from the sea and, is on display inside the Museum
Many other displays of militaria and weapons of war are on various stalls around the old parking area, set up by their owner / enthusiasts, with some stalls having items for sale. With weather permitting the event was planned to run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

A view along the old car park area

One display with many hand weapons

All laid out. Hand weapons and machine gun

A full display of unexploded bomb treatment

Equipment used to de-fuse a German bomb

An actual bomb. Coins on top for size comparison

Female Naval personnel with a surface shelter.

A machine gun examined by two young men

The Martello Tower museum building. Entry £1. (picture from an earlier event)

The weather was kind as some early rain discouraged visitors at the start of the day, but visitors came in reasonable numbers seeming to come in bunches walking along the sea wall from the Car park. It was a warm afternoon and the refreshment stalls and Ice Cream did a roaring trade, but it has to be admitted that this was a smaller function in that there were less items to view this year than on previous occasions.
For any keen photographer the £1 spent for an adult to go in and around the museum was an open sesame for panoramic views from the roof of the Tower, which covers views up and down the river Colne, Brightlingsea, Mersea Island and a view over the Orchards Holiday Park looking towards Clacton–on-Sea.

Machine Gun parts and equipment

Two tailors dummies wearing Swiss Army uniforms

Display of modern copies of a Knight’s helmet

A row of gleaming motor cycles with their proud owners

This picture left, shows Naval Cadets manning the Sea Wall to fire their weapons out to sea to avoid any possible chance of a visitor being in any was injured. The rifle I would guess was firing ordinary blanks, but the machine gun is adapted for display purposes and fires (or more correctly makes the sound of firing) using two gasses fed to the gun, which when the trigger is pulled allow a small quantity of the gases to mix and explode, just like a gun shot. There seems to be no time delay as it sounds exactly as a machine gun we may hear in a film.

People walking the sea wall towards the Museum

An information board outside the museum


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